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The Hollywood Squares Collection 10 DVD's

with regulars Charley Weaver, Rose Marie, Wally Cox, George
Gobel, Abby Dalton & Paul Lynde.
This popular game show hosted by Peter Marshall premiered on
NBC-TV in 1966. The nighttime network version was seen in the
spring of 1968 & the summer of 1969, and the syndicated version
premiered in 1972. A Saturday morning children's version,
"Storybook Squares" premiered in 1969.

DVD 1) Guest Stars : 
1) Milton Berle, Edie Adams, Don Adams, Raymond Burr, Buddy
2) Adam West, Kaye Ballard, Eva Gabor,  Roddy McDowell,
Marty Allen, Steve Rossi
3) Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Eva Gabor, Morey
Amsterdam,Marty Allen, Steve Rossi
4) Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Eva Gabor, Morey Amsterdam,
Marty Allen, Steve Rossi
5) Walter Matthau, Barbara Eden, Robert Morse, Buddy Hackett
6) Lorene Greene, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Buddy Hackett, Jan Murray,
Kaye Ballard
7) Connie Stevens, Gary Moore, Bill Bixby, Angie Dickenson,
Buddy Hackett
8) Joey Bishop, Connie Stevens, Michael Landon, Abby
Dalton,Nanette Fabray, Buddy Hackett
9) Joey Bishop, Connie Stevens, Michael Landon, Abby
Dalton,Nanette Fabray, Buddy Hackett
DVD 2) Guest Stars :
1) Angie Dickenson, Connie Stevens, Jan Murray, Buddy Hackett
2) Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Dean Jones, Nanette Fabray
3) Lorene Greene, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Buddy Hackett, Kaye Ballard
4) Hope Lange, Dennis Weaver, Karen Valentine, Jan
Murray,Virginia Graham, Joey Bishop
5) Vincent Price, Bill Bixby, Elke Sommer, Glenn Ford,Jane
6) Carl Reiner, George Maharis, Janet Leigh, Shecky
Greene,Suzanne Pleshette
7) Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, Mel Brooks, Connie Stevens,
Marty Allen, Suzanne Pleshette
8) Eva Gabor, Carl Reiner, Rich Little, Lucie Arnaz, Cass
Elliot,Joey Bishop, Buddy Hackett
9) Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, Mel Brooks, Connie
Stevens,Marty Allen, Suzanne Pleshette
DVD 3) Guest Stars :
1) Jean Stapleton, Tony Randall, Shirley Jones
2) Mac Davis, Florence Henderson, Rich Little
3) Earl Holliman, Debbie Reynolds, Suzanne Pleshette
4) Earl Holliman, Debbie Reynolds, Suzanne Pleshette
5) Mike Connors, Lynn Redgrave, Buck Owens, Charo
6) Burt Renolds, Vincent Price, Hope Lange, Carl Reiner
7) Gypsy Rose Lee, Lorene Greene, Vincent Price
8) Ethel Merman, John Davidson, Eva Gabor, Rich Little,Karen
Valentine, Jan Murray
9) Ethel Merman, John Davidson, Eva Gabor, Rich Little,Karen
Valentine, Jan Murray
10) Burt Reynolds, Hope Lange, Vincent Price, Dom
DeLuise,Carl Reiner, Suzanne Pleshette
DVD 4) Guest Stars :
1) Dennis Weaver, Roddy McDowell, Britt Ekland,Michael Landon,
John Davidson, Suzanne Pleshette
2) Dionne Warwick, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters,Dom DeLuise,
Florence Henderson, Suzanne Pleshette
3) Dionne Warwick, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters,Dom DeLuise,
Florence Henderson, Suzanne Pleshette
4) Tony Randall, Earl Holliman, Redd Foxx, Lee Grant,Desmond
5) Sandy Duncan, Bob Newhart, Leslie Uggams, Totie Fields,Don
6) Bob Newhart, Shirley Jones, Don Rickles, Artie Johnson,
Hal Linden, John Davidson, Karen Valentine
7) Debbie Reynolds, Charo, Sonny Bono, Glenn Ford,Joan Rivers
8) Dinah Shore, Burt Reynolds, Eva Gabor, Martin
Milner,Godfrey Cambridge
9) David Steinberg, Glenn Ford, Tony Randall, Ross
10) David McCallum, Glen Campbell, David Groh, Harvey Korman
11) Sally Field, Walter Matthau, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Van
Johnson,Nanette Fabray, Buddy Hackett, Jan Murray
DVD 5) Guest stars: 
1) Bob Newhart, Totie Fields, Sandy Duncan, Don Rickles
2) Jonathan Winters, Marcia Wallace, Jimmy Walker, Robert
Fuller, Elke Sommer, Ed McMahon
3) Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Hudson Brothers, Lynn
4) Kate Smith, Robert Fuller, Ernest Borgnine, Marcia Wallace
5) Hal Linden, Shirley Jones, Sandy Duncan, Jimmy Walker
6) Michael Landon, Leslie Uggams, Robert Fuller, Marcia
7) Mike Connors, Petula Clark, Earl Holliman, Elke Sommer,
8) Suzanne Pleshette, Harvey Korman, Florence Henderson,
Roddy McDowell, Roy Clark, Jonathan Winters
9) Michael Landon, Joan Rivers, Roddy McDowell, George
Gobel,Richard Dimitri, Sandy Duncan
10) Roy Clark, Harvey Korman, Roddy McDowell, Suzanne
Florence Henderson, Jonathan Winters
DVD 6) Guest Stars :
1) William Conrad, Carol Channing, Aretha Franklin, Vincent
Price,Sandy Duncan, Richard Dimitri
2) Robert Fuller, Harvey Korman, Tony Randall, Ed Asner,
Susan Clark, Karen Valentine
3) Arthur Godfrey, Connie Stevens, Doc Severnson, Elke
Sommer,Rob Reiner, Florence Henderson, William Conrad
4) Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Harvey Korman, David Brenner, Rich
Little,Joan Rivers, Sandy Duncan
5) William Conrad, Connie Stevens, Florence Henderson, Rob
Doc Severnson, Elke Sommer, Arthur Godfrey, George Gobel
6) Paul Williams, Britt Ekland, Milton Berle, Julie Harris,
Glenn Ford,
Phyllis Diller, Carl Reiner, Doc Severnson
7) David McCallum, Glen Campbell, David Groh, Ed McMahon,
Florence Henderson, Harvey Korman, Karen Valentine
8) Bob Newhart, Shirley Jones, John Davidson, Artie Johnson,
Hal Linden, Don Rickles, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters
9) Isabelle Sanford, Desmond Wilson, Earl Holliman, Susan
George,David Birney, Bernadette Peters, Wayland & Madam
10) Charo, Roy Clark, Richard Roundtree, John Davidson, Joan
11) Roz Kelly, Charlie Callas, Bonnie Franklin, Peter
Graves,Desmond Wilson, Doc Severnson, George Gobel
DVD 7) Guest Stars :
1) Tina Turner, Hal Linden, Wayland & Madam, Charo,Connie
Stevens, Desmond Wilson, Marcia Wallace
2) Jim Nabors, Pam Grier, Pearl Bailey, Arthur Godfrey,John
Davidson, Karen Valentine, Oscar
3) Barry Neuman, Artie Johnson, Ethel Merman,Michael Landon,
Jimmy Walker, Karen Valentine
4) Hal Linden, Lynn Redgrave, John Davidson, Rich
Little,Carol Channing, Roy Clark, Joan Rivers
5) Hal Linden, Tina Turner, Earl Holliman, Connie
Stevens,Waylan & Madam
6) Ed Asner, Robert Goulet, Mel Brooks, Jonathan Winters,
Bernadette Peters
7) Joanna Petet, Tony Martin & Cyd Charisse, Ed
Asner,Marcia Wallace, Sandy Duncan, Jonathan Winters
8) Tony Randall, John Byner, Bernadette Peters, Roddy
McDowell, Anthony Newley, Karen Valentine
9) Suzanne Pleshette, Florence Henderson, Milton Berle,Rich
Little, Jonathan Winters, Wayland & Smedley
10) Richard Anderson, Ed McMahon, Dolly Parton, Joan
Rivers,Harvey Korman, Leslie Uggams, Jonathan Winters
DVD 8) Guest Stars :
1) Levar Burton, Linda Lavin, John Amos, Tony Randall,Jonathan
Winters, Karen Valentine, George Gobel
2) Jack Klugman, Carl Reiner, Rich Little, Paul
Williams,Bernadette Peters, Marcia Wallace, Karen Valentine
3) Anthony Newley, Roddy McDowell, John Byner, Tony Randall,
Bernadette Peters, Marcia Wallace
4) Burt Reynolds, Roddy McDowell, Bill & Susan Hayes,Earl
Holliman, Ed McMahon, Karen Valentine
5) Ken Stabler, Ed Asner, Vincent Price, Sandy Duncan, Mel
Tillis, Elke Sommer, Jonathan Winters
6) Bernadette Peters, Anthony Newley, John Byner, Charo,
Marty Allen, Tony Randall, Karen Valentine
7) Tony Randall, Jean Stapleton, Buddy Hackett, Sandy Duncan,
Artie Johnson, Karen Valentine
8) Mel Brooks, Lynn Redgrave, Shirley Jones, Jan Murray,Elke
Sommer, Kent McCord
9) Burt Reynolds, Mel Brooks, Nancy Wilson, Ginger Rogers,
Karen Valentine, Jan Murray
10) Bill Bixby, Glenn Ford, Vincent Price, Jane Wyman,Elke
DVD 9)  : Variations & Rarities :
1) Desmond Wilson, Anthony Newley, Rich Little,Phyllis Diller,
Suzanne Pleshette, Wayne Rogers
2) "Storybook Squares" - 1977 version
3) Richard Mulligan, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Marty Allen,Oscar,
David Brenner, Valleri Bertinelli, Joan Rivers,George Gobel, Paul
Lynde - 1978 with original commercials
4) Tom Poston, The Lennon Sisters, James Coco, Pia
Zadora,Robert Mandan, Richard Saunders, David Brenner,George
Gobel  12/31/79 with original commercials
5) "Legends of Rock & Roll" with Connie Francis,
Fabian,Frankie Avalon, Bobby Vee, Little Anthony, Patti Paige,
Freddie Cannon, Martha Reeves, Dick Clark - 1979
6) "Storybook Squares" - the only known episode to survive
from the original series - 1969
7) "Hollywood Squares" - the earliest surviving daytime
episode with original commercials - 5/29/67
8) "Celebrity Game" - predecessor to "H.S.", this celebrity
panel show hosted by Carl Reiner debuted two years before
"Squares". Guests on this episode are Lee Marvin, Gypsy Rose Lee,
Connie Stevens, Mickey Rooney,Oscar Levant, Sal Mineo, Nanette
Fabray, Louis Nye & Suzy Parker - with original commercials -
9) "Mysteries & Scandals" : Paul Lynde
DVD 10) Paul Lynde Zingers & Biography + "I've Got A Secret"
& BONUS : "E! True Hollywood Story : The Hollywood
Plus a Bonus 90 minute documentary


  • The Quality Rating is 8 out of 10
  • 100% in chronological order
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains all 10 DVDs with Custom Artwork. 
  • These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide and DVD-Rom, X-Box or PS2 worldwide.