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Mr and Bride of Boogedy DVD 1986 1987 For Sale Kristy Swanson

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DVD Synopsis and information:

Mr. Boogedy 1986

A father moves his clan into a new home that has a bit of a bump in the night history attached to it. Once the group moves in they quickly find out that the house is haunted and has a ghostly history going back some 300 years. Boogedy is one of the most requested titles from the Disney vault. This made for TV spook tale romp has a lot charm and plenty of kid friendly scares that are great for the whole family on Halloween or any time of year. Nostalgia and just plain ol' fun and good times is why we love movies like Mr. Boogedy. The effect were pretty low rate back when these was made but it really adds a special charm to the films.

If you remember being a kid and curling up on the sofa with some popcorn and watching Boogedy with a huge grin on your face than this is must own. Grab the kids (or not), turn down the lights and get ready to chuckle and smile. This is a super family fun TV movie from Disney that encapsulates the spirit of fun ghosts and Halloween. Disney hit another spooky home run with this funny and slightly scary movie. This is must own family fun kid friendly scary movie for all to enjoy. Disney hit a home run with the two Boogedy films!

Director: Oz Scott

Writer: Michael Janover

Stars: Richard Masur, Mimi Kennedy and David Faustino

Original Air Date: 20 April 1986

Bride Of Boogedy 1987

A family with a great love for practical jokes is haunted by the family ghost Mr. Boogedy.

Director: Oz Scott

Writer: Michael Janover

Stars: Richard Masur, Mimi Kennedy and Tammy Lauren

Original Air Date: 12 April 1987