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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.


This listing is for the movie ‘APOCALYPSE NOW' (1979) 5-HOUR Workprint Edition. This 5-Hour version of the film is very hard to obtain, and has never had an official release on DVD in the US or the UK. The quality of the print available here is pretty good considering its obscurity (For more info see 'item images' for actual screen-grab snap-shots taken directly from the discs for sale!).

'Captain Willard' (Martin Sheen), is drinking himself to death in 'Saigon' out of dispair over his alienation in both Vietnam and America. He finally gets orders and is sent on a secret mission. His task is to find 'Colonel Kurtz' (Marlon Brando), a war hero, who has turned unsound and who has established his own reign of terror behind the front lines. Willard and a small crew of a Navy patrol boat go up river into Cambodia to terminate Kurtz with extreme prejudice. But Willard becomes fascinated by what he learns about Kurtz because Kurtz is someone like himself. But what happens if he confronts his own heart of darkness with the horror of the Vietnam war. The 'workprint' version of the movie features sequences that have either been removed entirely, or severely truncated for the regular more common 'theatrical' release of the film. This very same workprint features no narration, no dialogue looping, no sound FX, and none of the original score. As well as extra footage, the workprint also contains alternative takes, alternative dialogue, a temp soundtrack, again not included in either the original 'theatrical' release, or the later 'redux' version. This version of the movie available here is basically a 'composite' cut; which features the '5 Hour plus' workprint in its entirety, but ALSO an extended ending added on featuring the destruction of ‘Kurtz’s compound, just to finish it off. The original workprint version just ends abruptly, so was missing most of the climax. With this additional ending nicely edited onto the end of the workprint, it finishes off the extended workprint perfectly. With the extra stuff, and the ending added on, the film is pretty long in length, so-much-so it comes on 3-discs just to maintain some quality, with a total runtime of an incredible 5 hour plus minutes, the longest known cut of the film to date. Includes the option of TWO different audio tracks, the first been the original muddied audio from the rough workprint, and the second is a EQ'd version which is much more clearer and improved for listening..!

*PLEASE NOTE* As this is an un-official 'workprint' version of the film, as is the same with almost all workprint editions, the quality is not 100%, but we do feel this the best quality version available..!