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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

Daughter of Darkness 1993 DVD (English Subtitles)

Police suspect a young teenager who was horrifically abused by her family and raped by her father of finally snapping and slaughtering them all.Technical Specs

Credited cast:

Yuk-kwan Chan  Yuk-kwan Chan   

Lily Chung  Lily Chung  ...  

Mak Wei-Fong

Daisy  Daisy  ...  

Fong's Mother

Biu Gam  Biu Gam  ...  

(as Piao Chin)

Ka-Kui Ho  Ka-Kui Ho  ...  

Wei-Fong's Father

Si Man Hui  Si Man Hui  ...  

Gossiping Woman

Lo Hung  Lo Hung  ...  


Wong Kam Hung  Wong Kam Hung  ...  

Gambling House Suspect

William Ho Ka-Kui  William Ho Ka-Kui  ...  

Papa Mak

Che Kau-Wa  Che Kau-Wa  ...  


Wan-fei Lee  Wan-fei Lee  ...  

Villager at Police Station

Kai Chi Leung  Kai Chi Leung  ...  


Ming Liu  Ming Liu   

Money Lo  Money Lo  ...  

Dong Huan

Monica Lo  Monica Lo  


Hong Kong



Subtitles: English


96 min