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DVD Contains Full Menus, Chapters & Features Of The Studio Release unless otherwise stated. This DVD is a High Quality BACKUP of the studio release on DVD+R. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.

King Of Hearts DVD 1966 For Sale Alan Bates Genevieve Bujold

DVD Synopsis and information:

There is madness, drama and humor to be found in each scene of this amazing foreign film. Bumbling Scottish Private Plumpick (Alan Bates) is an ornithologist that is mistaken for an explosives expert and sent to a village in the beautiful French countryside during World War I on a suicide mission to detonate explosives set by the retreating German army. The village, soon to be blown sky-high, has been abandoned by its inhabitants - and replaced with escapees from the local insane asylum.

Now with the mentally challenged running the town, Plumpick is crowned King! Alas, his new title brings him his first horrible decision: to carry out his deadly mission or join the ranks of the blissfully ignorant who know nothing about war. King Of Hearts is subtle, visually striking and, in short, the "ultimate display of madness" (Life)!  King Of Hearts is a comedy that cleverly satirizes the absurdity of war. This is a marvelous film that deals with the worst of man's horrors. war, in a strange, unique and humorous style.

Cast & Crew


Alan Bates

Genevieve Bujold

Micheline Presle

Jean-Claude Brialy

Pierre Brasseur

Michel Serrault

Adulfo Celi

Francoise Christophe

Julien Guiomar


Daniel Boulanger


Philippe De Broca

Product Information


Original Theatrical Trailer


Widescreen (letterbox / non anamorphic) 2.35:1 Color

Audio: (more info)

FRENCH: Dolby Digital Mono


English, Spanish, French

Studio: MGM / UA

Production Year: 1967

Release Date: 4/10/2001

Length: 102 mins

Rating: NR

Chapters: 16