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DVD Contains Full Menus, Chapters & Features Of The Studio Release unless otherwise stated. This DVD is a High Quality BACKUP of the studio release on DVD+R. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.

All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.

Mrs. Arris Goes To Parris DVD For Sale 1992 Angela Lansbury TV Movie R1 NTSC

DVD Synopsis and information:

A wonderful story about a housemaid who spends all her days cleaning the beautiful homes of the upper class. Mrs. Harris or 'arris' as pronounced in her native cockney, played fantastically by Angela Lansbury, epitomizes her elder generation of honest, hard working British folk. Mrs. 'Arris definitely knows her place but that never stopped her from speaking her mind or day dreaming of a luxurious life. As she admires a beautiful Christian Dior gown in her employer's closet, Mrs. 'Arris is determined to get one for herself. The films eases from scene to scene, bursting with fun and drama. Sharif also plays a great role in this UK Made For TV Classic.

She works day and night and then she finally saves enough money to go to Paris and visit the House of Dior, but she then learns that buying an original couture creation is much more difficult than simply having the cash on hand. After some thought and hesitation, Dior's head saleswoman, Madame Colbert played superbly by Diana Rigg, escorts her inside and seats her next to the Marquis De Chassagne, played amazingly by the legendary actor Omar Sharif, a count who is quite taken by this very friendly and earnest English woman. When this dream passes before Mrs. 'Arris' eyes on the beautiful store model Natasha, Mrs. 'Arris orders the same gorgeous gown for herself. Then there is talk that the Dior name will be smeared if Mrs. 'Arris wears the exclusive Dior design. Will her dreams come true? Lansbury is simply magnificent in this made for TV classic. A great film and story for the entire family.

Actors: Angela Lansbury, Dame Diana Rigg, Lothaire Bluteau, John Savident, Lila Kaye

Directors: Anthony Shaw

Format: NTSC (North American)

Language: English

Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen, 4x3 - 1.33:1

Rated: PG

Studio: Pegasus Entertainment

Run Time: 90 minutes