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Mr Frost DVD 1990 For Sale Jeff Goldblum R1 NTSC

DVD Synopsis and information:

After a mysterious serial killer named Mr. Frost (Jeff Goldblum) confesses to the murder of two dozen people in England, he is shuttled around psychiatric hospitals throughout Europe as topnotch shrinks attempt to penetrate his psyche and discover why there are no known records of his existence. During this two-year period he refuses to speak to anyone until he arrives at a French facility, where he finally opens up to Dr. Sarah Day (Kathy Baker), who becomes intrigued by his insistence that he is the devil. Throughout their various confrontations, the duo debate the nature of good versus evil and science versus spirituality. While Dr. Day is skeptical, she begins to wonder about Mr. Frost's true identity as he seemingly exerts a psychic influence on the staff and patients of the facility. Meanwhile, the cop who prosecuted Frost's case tries to warn the doctor of Frost's mesmerizing powers, afraid he is trying to take control of her.

If her patient is the devil, what can Sarah do? Directed by Philip Setbon, Mr. Frost is a classy suspense thriller that builds tension from moody cinematography and intriguing, existential dialogue, and it generally keeps its violence off-screen, implying horrific incidents without needing to display them. Goldblum is delightfully creepy as the cryptic title character, conveying his character's sinister manipulations with both calculated coldness and charm.

Actors: Jeff Goldblum, Alan Bates, Kathy Baker, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Daniel Gelin

Directors: Philippe Setbon

Producers: Stephane Marsil

Format: NTSC, Color, Full Screen

Region: All Regions

Number of discs: 1

Rated: R (Restricted)

Run Time: 89 minutes