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Rainbow Brite Star Stealer DVD 1985 For Sale Pat Fraley Charles Adler


DVD Synopsis and information:

When The Universe Grows Dark, It's Time For Rainbow Bright. The Dark Princess is up to big-time mischief: snatching for herself Spectra, the universe's sole source of light. Without Spectra in its rightful place, all will be plunged into gloom and dreariness-unless Rainbow Bright and her friends can defeat the princess in this fantastic adventure! Set in an imagination-enhancing cosmos of enchanted worlds, spunky Rainbow Brite, her magical horse Starlite, heroic spaceboy Krys, Spritely Twink, young earthling Brian, venerable sage Orin, and other amazing Hallmark characters confront evil by using color, magic, cleverness and joy as ammunition. This is an excellent animated adventure.

Product Information

Actors: Pat Fraley (II), Charles Adler, Rhonda Aldrich, Bettina Bush, Jonathan Harris

Directors: Bernard Deyriès, Kimio Yabuki


Standard 1.33:1 Color

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround [CC]

Subtitles: English Forced

Studio: Warner Bros.

Production Year: 1995

Release Date: 11/2/2004

Length: 85 mins

Rating: G

Chapters: 20