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Gleaming The Cube DVD 1989 For Sale Christian Slater Steven Bauer


DVD Synopsis and information:

Christian Slater plays Brian Kelly, a hip teen that digs his friends and skateboard more than anything. When his best friend gets murdered he has to put it all on the line to find out what happened to him and make sure the ones responsible are dealt with accordingly. Brian now has to go undercover and submerge himself deep into a world of crime and deception to come make sure justice is served. A classic 80s movie filled with drama and skateboards is fun and exciting every step of the way. This is a cool early film from Slater. Hawk's skateboard choreography is really fantastic.  A very cool movie with lots of fun skateboarding moves.

This is one of Slater's early films and it has the 80s skateboard vibe down. Tony Hawk did the harder skateboard work in the film and it is incredible. Slater drives the movie and the director keeps up the fun and tension throughout the film. A very cool and fun 80s movie that has heart and drama added in as well. This is an early effort from Christian Slater and the performances throughout the film are very good. A great little blast from the 80s gone past. If you are a Christian Slater or 80s movie fan it's safe to say that this title this is a must own.

Cast & Crew


Christian Slater

Steven Bauer


David Foster

Lawrence Turman


Graeme Clifford

Product Information


Making of Featurette

Inside Skateboarding look

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Standard 1.33:1 Color

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]

Studio: Pioneer Studios

Production Year: 1988

Release Date: 6/1/1999

Length: 105 mins

Rating: PG-13

Chapters: 20