A fantastic collection of every arcade game from back in the day (80's 90's and onwards) including hits like Pang, Vendetta, Puzzle Bubble, Mortal Kombat's, WWF, Killer Instinct's and not forgetting the all time favourite Street Fighter 2 every edition including the crazy, Hyper and Rainbow Editions. This is a classic collection that will take you down memory lane, and you will have over 7400 games to play direct from your PC or Laptop.

Many of the Arcade games in this collection, you will not have experienced in this way on any home console in history such as Killer Instinct 1 & 2, the Mortal Kombat's and many, many more, as the consoles were not powerful enough to produce what the arcades could and arcade to console ports were immensely downscaled.


Comes on 5 DVD's

Simply install the dvds, load the emulator and select your game.

Compatible with: Keyboard, Joystick, Joypad, Racing wheel and Mouse.

Minimum System Requirements
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 processor at 1.0GHz or equivalent
by CouponDropDown" style="text-decoration: underline;" href="">Video: Graphics card with 32MB video memory
Memory: 128MB
OS: Windows 98se/ME/2000/NT

Recommended System Requirements
CPU: Any Intel Pentium 4 processor, equivalent or higher
Video: Pixel Shader 3.0 compliant graphics card with 128MB
video memory or higher
Memory: 1GB or higher
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with latest DirectX installed