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After The Rehearsal 1984 (English Subtitles) DVD

A moving tale of love, obsession and rejection, After the Rehearsal is perhaps Bergman's most self-referential work. Directed during the latter part of his career, the film is, on the surface, a simple tale. However as is typical of Bergman the real truth lies buried under a web of complex emotions.

The film tells the tale of a rational, exacting and self-controlled theatre director who wakes from reminiscing about a former lover to find that her daughter is in his theatre. Jolted into a rare emotional response, the feelings of the director are exposed, as he explains in a painful confessional that any relationship he and she may have is doomed to fail.


  • The Quality Rating is 9 out of 10
  • Commercial free and unedited
  • This box set contains 1 DVD with Custom Artwork.
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